How Does AKM Work

We provide Bookkeeping and Accounting services both on and off site:

  • Accounting and Bookkeeping managed off-site (we do your accounting at our own offices)                        
  • Accounting and Bookkeeping managed on-site (We manage your Accounting at your offices)
  • Accounting and Bookkeeping managed partly on and off-site (a hybrid approach)

The AKM Management Report

A management report is an important business document as it portrays the factors that drive business operations. Utilizing this tool, we will help you identify key performance indicators (KPIs) and other useful metrics depending on the nature and industry of your business.

We prepare profit & loss actuals and budget comparison, summarized and detailed reports based on KPIs and other performance metrics and dashboards, revenue projections, variance analyses for multiple industries, cash forecasts, budgeting, as well as planning and control mechanisms.

We charge on hourly or monthly basis as you wish

On-Site Service

We provide you with one of our Accountants or Bookkeepers on-site regularly, or as a one-off to handle your accounting function, exclusively and dedicated to your business. You provide the work space and paperwork storage, software and all other resources, but we provide the expertise.

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Off-Site Service (Remote office service)

Where you outsource the accounting function of your business. We do it all for you.  We use our software and resources to regularly build, maintain and report on your Financial position, in a timely fashion that makes sure you meet deadlines. We manage all your Bookkeeping then produce your Accounts and pass them back to you, for discussion, allowing you a hassle-free way of keeping on top of your Finances.  You can send us your records via our Secure Document Exchange, Dropbox, E-mail or post.

On and Off-Site Service (A hybrid approach)

We are flexible in providing a mix of on-site and off-site Accounting and bookkeeping services. Our Accountants will manage the some of tasks in your offices e.g. (invoicing, filing and other paperwork) and the reporting part we will manage virtually from our own offices.

You can also get our one-off services, like:

  • VAT Return Filing

  • Annual Accounts Preparation

  • Internal Audit

  • External Audit

  • Other special Accounting and Bookkeeping engagements

  • Independent Financial Advice

Let us discuss how we can be your partner in accomplishing your business objectives.