Forensic Accounting Services

AKM Accounting holds expertise in forensic financial accounting services for big and small enterprises to help detect frauds and other financial corruption and misconduct. We conduct our investigation in a way that findings can be confidentially used in support of civil and criminal lawful actions. Moreover, we work meticulously on every transaction and easily identify a conflict of interest and the beneficiaries. In our forensic accounting services, we consider all your business records, historical statements, irregularities, journal entries, previous audits, and even interview relevant and prominent parties to give you highly reliable and timely results. Our team is skilled at evaluating damages and establishing the full extent of any loss. We hold expertise in four basic areas of forensic analysis, which are data collection, data preparation, data analysis, and information reporting. If you want to avail of our service or learn more about it, contact our team of experts, and we’ll gladly guide you through the process.

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  • Fraud Investigations

    We will investigate any situation where we believe there may be a significant loss. The team will conduct a detailed analysis and investigation process to easily detect fraud and errors in transactions.
  • Computer Forensics and Data Analysis

    Our highly skilled team of computer forensic science studies and investigates the digital data and presents attributes of digital information.
  • Tax Investigations

    A forensic account report detects the manipulation of the financial statement and combat tax fraud.
  • Expert Determination

    We give our expert opinion to resolve post-deal purchase price adjustments and other disputes involving technical issues. Our quick and affordable expert determination service offers benefits over litigation and arbitration.
  • Business Valuations

    Through our business valuation service, we can help estimate the value of your business. It will let you determine your company’s actual price and help potential buyers make a decision.
  • Commercial Litigation and Professional Negligence

    Through our enormous market experience, we assist you in dealing with any breach in agreement or between professionals and clients.

Benefits of Forensic Accounting

Reduce Losses

With a competent team of counter fraud specialists in place, we seek to help you and your business minimize losses and risks associated with frauds and errors.

Minimize Exploitation Risk

Forensic accounting services proactively help business houses and their counsel patch any specific gaps in the modern financial, operational standards, minimizing every possibility of exploitation.

Avoid Legal Problems

A forensic financial statement gives an overview of all business transactions. It ensures the process is conducted lawfully and omits any conspiring fraudulent activity, which could further lead to legal problems.

Solve Contractual Disputes

A forensic accounting report can testify as strong financial evidence in business disputes. It helps in evaluating and investigating financial evidence.

Better Investment Decisions

Through our experts, we can help businesses make a better and informed investment decision. It is a strategic approach used by business houses to avoid the possibility of fraudulence.

Simplify Litigation and Business Valuation

We offer a comprehensive litigation support team to help businesses avoid any costly litigation. As industry experts, we can provide you with innovative and credible litigation support.