Payroll Accounting Service

A payroll service is one where companies will record and prepare reports on the employees’ activities. This will further help understand each employee’s efficiency and allow business owners to make decisions for the future. At AKM, we strive to meet the current payroll accounting standards by going a step further and updating systems to align with the system laws. With extensive experience in the industry, we have been dealing with multiple clients across the region and have helped businesses structure their accounts and audit processes. Our comprehensive payroll service entails monthly, quarterly, and annual payroll service at highly competitive prices. Moreover, we utilize the latest and advanced technologies and modern approaches to delivering quicker, accurate, and optimal results. To learn more about our payroll service, reach out to us, or drop us an inquiry, and we’ll be in touch.

Our Service Inclusions

  • Installation and Implementation of Complete Payroll System
  • Integration of Payroll System with WPS
  • Monitoring Employee’s Attendance
  • Calculating Payroll Taxes
  • Processing all the Required Adjustments
  • Managing the Payroll Software
  • Ensuring the Compliance of Software with Current Legislation
  • Generating Payroll Reports for Management
  • Processing Payroll Through Your Accounts and Tracing Payments to Employees

Benefits of Payroll Accounting

Lower Costs

Given that the entire process is automated, you save on hiring new employees or finding a bigger workspace to house more staff.

Save Time

Payroll accounting helps you save time as the process is fully automated. Machines are programmed to eliminate any errors and repetition of work done.

Improves Employee Retention Rate

Since the payroll accounting process is automated, and human error is eliminated, the harmonious relationship between the employer and employees is enhanced.

Improves Company Reputation

Companies that use payroll accounting systems rank high for jobseekers, investors, lenders, and other stakeholders. The use of payroll accounting systems is a good indicator that a company is transparent in its dealings.

Choose to outsource your entire payroll process or just a part of it. We can handle the onboarding, pay cycle services, and the monthly and year-end requirements.