Forensic Accounting Services


We are expert in providing Forensic Accounting services to our clients.  AKM’s Forensic accounting professionals are skilled at evaluating damages and establishing the full extent of any loss. We are involved in four basic areas of forensic analytics i.e.: data collection, data preparation, data analysis and information reporting.

Specifically, AKM’s Forensic Accountants perform tasks which include examining business records, analyzing historical statements, seeking irregularities in business practices, reviewing journal entries, analyzing trends, tracing audit trails, interviewing relevant parties, analyzing electronic data and performing an overall evaluation of the circumstance. 

AKM’s Forensic Accounting division supports the following areas:

  • Fraud investigations
  • Computer Forensics and Data Analysis
  • Tax Investigations
  • Expert Determination
  • Business Valuations                
  • Commercial litigation and Professional Negligence