Professional Auditor Dubai

As a leading audit firm in Dubai, we at AKM Accounting seek to help our clients comply with all domestic and statutory audit regulations in the UAE. Whether it be an entrepreneurial SME or a corporate establishment, audits are required for all types of businesses due to a variety of reasons – for financing needs, lender requirements, sale or purchase of a business, to formulate a business plan, or as a contractual and third-party requirement. Not only does auditing of accounts provide business owners with valuable and reliable information, but it can also be the starting point for an ongoing and constructive conversation about the future of your business.

Here at AKM Accounting, we can provide you with a service that is far more than just a simple business audit. We are one of the best audit firms in Dubai and take pride in our top auditors who strive to work closely with you to identify issues within the existing system and ensure that your business remains compliant with sufficient checks and safeguards in place. Our highly experienced and professional team of auditors in Dubai follow all the protocols and practices mandated by the international standards and other local laws and regulations followed in UAE. In addition to helping you determine the type of assurance that your business needs, we can also help you improve on your financial and operational structures to achieve your business objectives. To learn more about our audit and assurance service for firms in Dubai and across UAE, contact our team today!

Audit and Assurance Service Dubai

Our Core Audit and Assurance Services

Statutory Audit

These types of audits are required to determine whether the given business is providing a fair and accurate representation of its economic status. At our audit firm, we’ve designed our services to provide you confidence over your business.

Financial Statement Audit

Often requested by shareholders and potential investors to assess the financial strength of the business entity, financial statement audits are a cornerstone of confidence within financial systems.

Compliance of Financial Statements

Our top and highly experienced auditors shall oversee the preparation of the financial statements and ensure that they have been prepared in accordance with prescribed accounting standards and regulations.

Review of Financial Statements

We review and audit your financial statements to identify any material misstatements, omissions, or errors that can put your businesses’ financial position at risk.

Special Reports

Recognized as one of the most reliable auditing firms in Dubai, we provide a special purpose financial reporting service for our customers. Such reports can help to improve accountability through objective performance reporting.

Cost Audits

Also known as contract audits, these are helpful to monitor and evaluate the progress of a given project. The team at our audit firm undertake such audits on either scheduled or unplanned basis.

Operational Audits

Our operational audit service is designed to provide businesses with a comprehensive evaluation of their company’s everyday activities and thereby identify opportunities for improvement.

Financial and Risk Management

Managing financial risk and optimizing business capital is not something that can be achieved by merely balancing the books. We’re a prominent audit firm, known to provide our clients within Dubai with a wide range of financial risk management solutions and tools.

Strategic Planning

At AKM Accounting, we undertake a strategic planning approach towards auditing that involves assessing potential challenges, risks, and opportunities present before the business.

Governance and Risk Services

Irrespective of your governance, risk management, and compliance needs, our experienced team of auditors has the knowledge, capacity, and capability to cater to your requirements.

Counter Fraud Reviews

With a team of counter fraud specialists in place, we as a reliable and transparent audit firm in UAE seek to help our clients minimize the risks in their business often associated with corruption and fraud.

Why Hire an Audit Firm in Dubai

An audit firm assists companies in evaluating their economic wellness. As industry-professionals, they will strive to bring in significant levels of efficiency and productivity to your business. Moreover, many operations will be streamlined and regulated when an external audit firm is involved in auditing your accounts. Here are a few other compelling reasons why you should hire an audit firm in Dubai.

Protection from risks and fraud

Maintain compliance with accounting standards

Detailed verification of every transaction

Checks process compliance

Builds trust within shareholders

Accuracy in the statement of account

Experienced and knowledgeable auditors

Provides timely reports

Manage your finance

Feel free to contact us for a free consultation if you want to know about more about our audit and assurance services.