Due Diligence Services

Regardless of whether you are a private investor or SME owner interested in other companies, large investments enable exciting projects and substantial profits. However, they often also entail risks that are not immediately apparent. Whether money laundering, corruption or tax fraud, before you negotiate a price to purchase an object, a due diligence check is necessary.

Those who do not act wisely with regard to their finances and the jobs of their staff in this kind of situation may lose more than their return

Due diligence audits help businesses to recognize possible risks and potential opportunities during merger or acquisition. The business involved in acquisition or mergers must ensure that the information exchanged is complete and accurate.

During the due diligence reviews, the target person or company is investigated for legal violations and financial missteps. Moreover, auditors specifically pay attention to holistic aspects like organizational culture, environmental standards, and IT system & security. Due diligence audits are usually used to ensure that no hidden liabilities exist in the transaction.

AKM Accounting has a team of specialist that is experienced in thoroughly reviewing the financial and operational data of an organization for any discrepancies. Unlike traditional Accountants, we are specifically experienced to search for any fraud, hidden assets and liabilities.

The areas that are generally examined in due diligence reviews are:

Financial Due Diligence

Verification of net Assets, Financial Analysis, Financial risk Assessments, accuracy of accounting and financial information)

Legal Due Diligence

Examines the legal circumstances in a target company

Operation Due Diligence

Deals with the target company’s work process

Environmental Due Diligence

Compliance with environmental regulations

Tax Due Diligence

Analysis of Current tax situation and future tax developments

Human Resource Due Diligence

Dealing with human aspect of a business

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