Accounts Payable Services



We at AKM Accounting make sure that your bills and vendor invoices are up-to-date and legitimate. We automate your accounts payable processing to provide better accuracy, timeliness, and control.

An efficient Accounts Payable process can help your organization to manage working capital and cash flow in a better way. You will also be able to develop strong relationships with your vendors. This way you will do better cost-saving; increase the overall agility of the business. And moreover, it will help you to remain compliant with regulatory policies.

The services we offer in Accounts Payable segment are:


  • Updating Accounting System by:
    • Entering Invoices from suppliers
    • Collecting Evidence regarding services/goods receipt
    • Clearing Purchase orders
  • Invoice Processing Services: Verification and approval of bills from suppliers, after matching with services/goods receipts and purchase orders.
  • Updating of the system for accounts payable by processing vendor bills
  • Recommendation of early payment of supplier invoices where attractive cash discounts are available
    Preparation of credit or debit notes wherever required
  • Maintenance of records for accounts payable
  • Preparation of vendor account statements
  • Reconciliation of vendor account statements with your books
  • Analysis of non-billed supplies, open PO commitments etc.
  • Provision of summaries (by age, segment, etc.) of amounts you owe your vendors
  • Analysis of supplier price trends and purchase history

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