Accounts Reconciliation Services


Accounts reconciliation is the process of verifying an organization’s financial records and transactions in order to detect discrepancies, if any and to reconcile the same. Hence, we can help do away with all these discrepancies and reconcile your books, credit card statements, customer-vendor record reconciliation and bank statement on a daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly basis.

We provide:

  • Bank Statement Reconciliation
  • Credit Card Reconciliation
  • Reconciliation of intercompany transactions
  • Vendor Reconciliation
  • Customer Reconciliation
  • Inventory Reconciliation
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We at AKM, provide end-to-end reconciliation services to businesses across the Middle East. Our outsourced Bookkeeping services make use of the state of the art financial software tools to provide you with an innovative yet economical solution to solve any kind of variation between statements, which includes bank discrepancies and inconsistent amounts. Moreover, our team can maintain real-time track of every outstanding check as well as deposit in transit.

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Our Account Reconciliation Services take care of the following activities throughout the reconciliation process:

  • Perform a separate reconciliation for each balance sheet account
  • Establish action plans for all reconciling items
  • Reconciliation of inter-company transactions
  • Provide document approval for all account reconciliations
  • Send regular reports to management
  • Implement regular training programs
  • Perform peer reviews of account reconciliation techniques

Join our clientele of accounts reconciliation customers and give your business a competitive edge. Contact us today.