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Value Added Tax  is a tax that applies to most business transactions involving the transfer of goods or services. Once your business turnover/Expense reaches a certain level, you legally have to pay VAT to Federal Tax Authority (FTA).

Value added tax was introduced in the UAE on 1 January 2018. The standard rate of VAT is 5% on all the taxable supplies of goods and services within UAE.

A business pays Value added tax on its purchases (input tax) and charges VAT on its sales (output tax). If a VAT registered business receives more output tax from sales than it pays on input tax, it has to pay the difference to FTA. If more input tax has been paid out than the company has charged VAT on its sales, the difference can be reclaimed from FTA.

VAT is charged from the start of an economic activity to the point of Goods/services delivered to the end consumer, thus adding up value throughout the supply chain.

AKM VAT professionals will help you in complying with all the VAT laws and regulations including:
  • Regularly checking your VAT registration/re-registration requirements
  • Designing and maintaining all your business’s accounting records as per FTA requirements
  • Calculation/verifying VAT on all your sales and supplies
  • Calculation and verification of VAT charged on your purchases and expenses
  • Taking care of all the required adjustments (Credit notes, Bad Debts etc.)
  • Correction of the mistakes in subsequent VAT returns
  • Calculation of the net VAT liability or refund position of your business
  • Filing of VAT returns for your business
  • Filing of voluntary disclosures, if required
  • Filing of VAT refund Application if applicable
  • Updating of your business records with FTA

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