VAT Implementation



Apply for VAT registration because this will lead you to:

Proper implementation of VAT is a challenging task for the business as VAT is not as simple as it is understood. Every aspect of a business has to undergo a significant process redesign to fully comply with VAT legislation. Even after a successful implementation there must be an effective monitoring of all the business processes to make sure that the VAT is properly accounted for.

We help you to make sure that your business is well prepared for the economic impact of the VAT implementation in UAE with the help of our professional VAT consultants in Dubai.

Because of the transactional nature of VAT, implementing VAT results in changes made to almost every aspect of your business – including systems upgrades, document changes, contract addendum, process updates and policy changes. Your staff needs to comply with new VAT regulations and requirements on a daily basis, and accurately prepare and file VAT returns.

  • Understanding your business and its environment
  • Identification and analysis of the VAT impact on your business
  • Design and process implementation
  • Advise and implement the Accounting/ERP system to comply with VAT legislation
  • Review and amendment of contractual arrangements with customers and suppliers in order to properly remap all types of business transactions
  • Analysis of IT system and accounting requirements
  • Structure the implementation plan with a view to fully comply with the VAT laws and avoid possible fines and penalties
  • Assist in VAT registration, VAT computation, VAT returns and other VAT obligations

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