Special Audit Services

Companies differ not only in regard to the industry they belong to or size but also in history, type of ownership, management, and corporate culture. We, at AKM Accounting, consider all the aforesaid factors while auditing your business’s financial statement. We examine each aspect of your business, analyze its potential for improvement, identify critical points in your working process, and ensure the strengths and weaknesses of your financial statement preparation process is more transparent. Our special audit services contribute greatly to the correctness of accounting and to the compliance with statutory provisions. Our service satisfies your requirement and expectations.

We work, keeping in mind the provision and standards applicable in the location where our clientele conducts their business. Our priority is not just the number but the business’s environment and loopholes. Therefore, we then deliver our professional recommendations, adding efficiency to your business, and minimizing every chance of fraud and errors. To learn more, or seek our special audit services, feel free to reach out to our experts today!

Our Special Audit and Assurance Service Inclusions

  • Compensation Audits

    We analyze compensation in terms of competitiveness with similar companies, rewards for performance, and consistency with company values regarding compensation. It further helps us determine the degree of effectiveness, competitiveness, and compliance.
  • Compliance Audits

    We check all internal policies and procedures of the entity to enforce effective following of external laws and regulations and internal guidelines like corporate by-laws, controls, and more.
  • Controls Audits

    We perform control audits to confirm the efficiency and effectiveness of control over financial reporting to conclude if a company can rely on it or not.
  • Cost Audits

    Our service acts as an effective tool to detect any error, frauds, and irregularities in the work process to ensure smooth and reliable functioning.
  • Audits Required by Companies Act

    We provide a service of maintaining records for five years, therefore abiding by the country’s law.
  • Bankrupt's Estate Audits

    This is to protect you from any fraud and prevent debtors from lying about their incomes and schedules. Through it, we examine if the asset can be recovered or not.
  • Other Detailed Financial Audits

    We conduct detailed financial audits to help companies have a healthy account while maintaining a financial flow that abides by the law and takes care of the regulations.
  • Consulting Concerning Shareholders‘ Agreements and Other Expert Opinions

    All your financial and corporate needs are dealt with, with the help of expert advice and counseling.

Why Choose our Special Audit Service?

As one of the leading and well-established companies, we take pride in standing strong in the market for over three decades. We have successfully handled several accounts over the years, ensuring all the audit reports issued by our company are of the highest and international standards. We care for your business and financial goals. Therefore, we can easily tailor the audit session based on your needs. Below are a few other reasons why you should choose our service:


  • Reviews of inner-company agreements
  • Auditing accounts in compliance with IFRSs, GAAP.
  • We follow protocols and practices mandated by international standards.
  • Our auditing service helps you in improving your financial and operational structure.
  • Our auditing service delivers highly valuable and reliable information.

AKM Accounting can serve your need if you are looking to get audited specific area(s) of your organization.